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Ridiculously On The Scene

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Breaking!!! (for anyone who cares): NEW SUGABABE

New Sugababe Amelle is revealed....
The lucky lady who's replacing Mutya in girl band Sugababes has been revealed.
Amelle Berrabah, 21, from Hampshire, will have to start practising for the girls' tour in March and April, plus a stadium tour with Take That.
"For years I've dreamt of breaking into the music business but never did I dream of waking up one day to be the third Sugababe," she said. It's thought Mutya (20yrs old) left the band to spend more time with her daughter Tahila, who was born in March. Amelle is said to be excited to be touring with Take That, as member Gary Barlow was apparently one of her first crushes! Mutya leaving means Keisha is now the only original member of the Sugababes still in the band. Get a taste SUGABABES

Lohan & Leto Pretend To Have Lunch

Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto film scenes for the upcoming Chapter 27 in New York on 1-18-06.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

MK OLSEN: Cooler Than You!

Mary-Kate Olsen is looking better and better EVERY EVENT!!!! Plus she is now hanging with super funny EX-SNL Castmates.

Victoria Beckham: A Cavalli Creation

Fashion designer to the stars Roberto Cavalli has revealed how former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham chose him to help her “stand out from the crowd”. Posh spice gave Cavalli an exclusive contract to dress her for every occasion and her is taking the job very seriously. The 64 year old designer said of his position: "I certainly did not chase her, she came to me.
"Now I am her designer. She is mine."
Victoria was speaking backstage after her Cavalli appearance at men's fashion week in Milan. "The ideal clothes to seduce a man are simple but sexy, high heels, tight jeans and a tight T-shirt."

Reese & Ryan Play "LET'S PRETEND"

At the Golden Globes- the normally 'never seen together' couple were uncharacteristically all smiles for the camera and the shows viewers. Hardly EVER photographed together- you can't help but feel like Reese and Ryan were 'turning it on' for the naysayers...on the other hand- they MUST be in LOVE, they are kissing in public. Resse & Ryan are the NEW Tom & Katie.