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Ridiculously On The Scene

Friday, July 22, 2005

Goldie Hawn: Club Hopper @ 60!

Goldie Hawn joined actress/daughter Kate Hudson on the red carpet at the London premiere of The Skeleton Key last night. Mom and daughter wowed the crowds outside the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square. Later they hit the club Kaberet..and exited in the late hours. You really have to hand it to Goldie, drinking it up at 58 has got to start taking it's toll...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lindz Lohan Gets Carded Trying To Buy Smokes

Proof that not EVERYONE has seen "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan flashes her California drivers' license to buy some cigarettes at a West Hollywood convenience store. The actress, 19, picked up the smokes, some gum, and other necessities. Though at first the cashier didn't not believe that Lindsay was the same girl in her license pic. The last pic is a close up of the ID she used, as well as her black card.

Back in TV Land, Valerie Cherish is Changing Lives

We hate to interrupt any news of Sidekicking Scenechasers, but it is crucial that we pass on this - THE HOTTEST SHOW ON TV...

The Comeback

If you haven't seen it, then you must. Not only is it the funniest show on TV, proving that Lisa Kudrow really is the Friend who can act, but Star magazine just gave the show rave reviews and you know we love our salacious sister, Star. You will laugh while cringing with pain as Valerie attempts to scratch her way back into the hearts of her primetime viewers.

Watch it on HBO on Sundays. Like you don't already watch Entourage and Six Feet Under on Sundays!

Spotted: Sidekicking Scenechaser...

While Josh & Scarlett fight about who knows...The highlighted siren texts away on her sidekick. Have celebrities became THAT boring?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Exclusive: Angelina & Baby Girl

Angelia enjoys a stroll with her 2 children earlier Today...wonder where brad was?

Geri Halliwell may be Melted

The MADAME TUSSAUDS waxwork of former SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL is set to be ditched because of her waning popularity. But the flame-haired singer can't bear the idea of her figure being destroyed, and is keen to give it a home should Tussauds decide to axe it altogether. A source says, "Geri is not as popular as she was and her waxwork is in danger of being removed. "When it was made, Geri agreed that she would have first option to buy herself back rather than be melted down."

A Blind Item & Fergie Does Meth..

Taken from NY Daily News:
What starlet panicked recently when she realized she'd left her purse at
a photo shoot? Alas, nosy stylists had already discovered her crystal
meth inside. Let's hope she cleans up before she winds up like Black
Eyed Peas hottie Fergie, who used to take the drug. On one bender,
Fergie recalls in Blender, "I ended up in a Korean church on Wilshire,
very paranoid, thinking that the FBI was after me. I was walking around
the church, crying, hallucinating." She kicked the habit the next day
-Taken from NY Daily News

Holy Weight Loss: Jack Osbourne Is Skinny!

According the The National Enquirer:
"You will not believe what Jack looks like now," Sharon told The National Enquirer in an exclusive interview.
"If you look at before and after photos you will be shocked. He's gone on a rigorous six-month mission to get fit and he has." The 5-ft 9-in celeb who once tipped the scales at 215 pounds has slimmed to 175.
Sharon said Jack has also given up drugs and booze, staying on the straight and narrow since he entered rehab for an Oxycontin addiction last year.

Jenny McCarthy is STILL HOT!

Sure, we all had a crush on her when she Hosted MTV's SINGLED OUT, but what has Jenny McCarthy done lately? Who cares! Just look at these drool worthy FHM pictures.

Maybe Sienna Was Boring in Bed...

"I just want to say I am deeply ashamed and upset that I've hurt Sienna and the people most close to us. There is no defense for my actions which I sincerely regret." This was Jude Laws official statement. He and actress Sienna Miller became engaged in 2004

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Only Lohan Post today-I swear! LOHAN THROWS SHIT AT A PHOTOG...

Lindsay was so annoyed at the demands of the all consuming photographers, that she hauled off and threw a bottle at the pesky shutterbugs. Nice! Now if she only threw her top at them...

PictureFest: Nicole Richie

withering away is sooo hot! Seriously, please eat.

Shows We Love: Roseanne Reunited...On DVD

Admit it. You love the show. You watch it at 4am in a drunken daze....On nick at night. It is the best show to watch after a night of club hopping & bar jumping. In these pics- the cast reunites at a press junket for the series debut on DVD.

Mary- Kate Jumps, Kisses, Smokes, & Eats Babies??

Jessica Sniffson: Coke whore?

Oh please! Stop defending her. Jessica did not get that thin because of her lame ass trainer- Just look at that face she's making. Those are ol' coke eyes! She's completely blown out of her mind. Above, Jessica ushers in her 25th birthday at her parents home in Cali. Guests included her sis Ashlee, Willmer, sometimes husband Nick, Jake Gyllenhaal as well as other less famous people. Nick's gift to his mess of a wife? Rims for her SUV. Touching. Yep, no problems in that relationship...

Monday, July 18, 2005

White Trash Couple: Brit & Kev

I can't decide if Brit Brit & Kev have reached a new low, or a new high? Well anyway- here is some out takes from their new INTERVIEW MAGAZINE article...

Lohan SHOUTS: "Back off SECREST!"

As we already reported-Lohan was enjoying her Herbie self at this weekends Allure Magazine party. Partygoers noticed that the ultimate American Idol reject had set his sights on the sexy "Mean Girl"...One reveler sent this in:
"Ryan kept trying to be introduced. He kept edging closer and closer- The whole scene was tad creepy. At one point he got so close, without Lindsay knowing- he practically knocked her over."
the result is the above photo....
Ryan has cemented his place as a permanent TOOL..

OC WEIGHT WATCH: Fat Ass Barton!

Sweet Jesus! It Looks as if Mischa isn't taking the break up from Brandon to well. How else's does one explain the sudden balloon ass she's gained. The OC started up production last week, and I fear that the writers may need to push the newly hefty Marissa out- and Nicole Richie- in! That would be sooo HOT! Nicole could help Summer shed those pesky 'Seth' pounds away..

LOHAN & RICHIE: Best Friends Forever!

Oh its always great to see a hot pic after our long, much needed break! I mean, it's tough work trying to keep up with all of Lohan's movies, parties, 15 minute 'bathroom' trips, and filming schedule. At the left, the inseparable Lohan and Richie are livin' it up at this past weekends Allure Magazine party...

JOEY takes a pisss..what a naughty friend!

Actor Matt LeBlanc must have thought no one saw him take a leak in a bush, while walking his doggy...
"Ridiculously On The Scene" sees all!

TALON, You lucky Bastard!

Yes yes, I know these shots are OLD! But I just could not resist. Talon is the luckiest guy, perhaps ever. Not only did he lock lips with just about EVERY willing girl on the first season of LAGUNA BEACH, but now he's chillin with Lohan. Talon you are the man! Check out Talon and the rest of the sexy Laguna gang on the Season 2 premiere, July 25th on MTV.