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Ridiculously On The Scene

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

DUFF Vs. LOHAN: The Final Smackdown!

Hilary Duff will be label mates with none other than the thinner than ever Lindsay Lohan. Duff's next album after this august's 'Most Wanted" will be on Tommy Mottola's "Casablanca Records" the same recording label as Lindsay Lohan. A source close to Ridiculously On The Scene has been dealing with Lohan's reactions to the most recent news and had this to say:
"Lindsay is completely caught up in this stupid high school shit. Lindsay should look at this as an opportunity to end this useless feud- the girls are older and should maybe try getting along. It's a shame, Hilary is the bigger person and Lindsay refuses to see that" Oh I can see it now, they should do a remake of Brandy & Monica's The Boy Is Mine- only this time at the end they should serve Aaron Carter a steaming plate of whoop-ass!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

PAM loves to drink!

Pam Anderson loves to drink- despite the whole Hep C thing. Seen here at a Virgin Atlantic party with the most famous he/she in the world, Pam is guzzling bubbly and enjoying herself while getting down and dirrrty with the boy's of Heatherette. Reports have also surfaced that later on Pam became "worse" and ended up having to be carried out by two giant party handlers. An eyewitness claims that "Pam was very free with herself and flashed us her p-ssy a bunch of times". Also on had at the event was Pam's favorite photog wonder- David LaChapelle.