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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Our Moment of the Week

Last Thursday, during the premiere of the Russell Crowe/Renee Zellwegger flick, The Cinderella Man, we had a hot little run in with non other than the anger-management star of the movie, Russell Crowe. In the very middle of the movie, one of us had to run to the little girl's room - not wanting to be rude to the people in the aisle more than necessary, we both decided to dash to the restroom. And so the scene of the crime is set...

(This is my version.)
I fly into the ladies room and fly right out - it was the fastest pee ever. As I look for my partner in crime and start to get annoyed that he hasn't made it out yet, I realize that there is only one other person in the entire theatre concession/restroom area with me. Hold your breath and wait for it...wait for it...

Not Russell Crowe.
It's a suspicious looking security guard with an earpiece. And then it dawns on me, "That little shit is urinating next to Russell Crowe right now!" So, like the celeb fan I am, I plant myself directly in the middle of the hall, now there's no way Russell can miss me of course, and I wait. All of sudden, Gladiator and my true Master and Commander, OMG is he hot, Russell Crowe exits, walks up to me, I smile and say, "Sir, your movie is fantastic." Russell replied, "Thank you, Miss."

Yes, it was the LAMEST thing I've EVER said in my ENTIRE life. But the man is hot and he looks better than you could possibly imagine in person.

(The other version is so much better and he has ALL THE DETAILS.)


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