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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

File Under: Snort Snort....

HOT UPDATE! Our girl Lindz is tumbling downhill and we are begging her to stop before she ends up in that scary pit the Osbournes like to call REHAB! We got this sexy email from an entertainment industry colleague.

"I can't say who I work for as I'm at a high-profile firm, but I was at the MTV Awards and in very close contact with Lindsay... all I can say is, she is obviously doing blow. You gotta listen to her talk, it sounds like she's been strung out at Shelter every night in the VIP lounge. Not that I was terribly surprised by this, but it was the first time I'd seen her in a while and she has the telltale signs--washed out skin, heavy marks around her eyes, scratchy voice. I wish her the best, but if she doesn't get off this kick soon, there is trouble ahead."


Blogger shakyjake said...

word out to all those who particepate in the powder stuff.
Lindsy is here by CUTOFF. no more freebees!!!! CUT HER OFF....SHE will ruin it for everybody...All suppliers, dealers, whole sale and retail, users, and abusers, are here by served notice CUT HER OFF!
Lindsy is nothing but trouble now. CUT HER OFF and clear the area. She is going down in flames and will take others with her when she goes...she may survive but you will not. You will be burned from her flame out....spread the word...get it out....we have the network,...we know how this is done.....Now let use it and do it, CUT OFF LINDSY HOHAM, she is status non gratus, CUT HER OFF and watch her detox in public.....

July 05, 2005 1:30 PM  

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