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Monday, June 20, 2005

The cup of love overfloweth for TomKat...Rumors Starting

Rumors are brewing that ANOTHER lawsuit may be filed against ANOTHER gay porn star. Tsk Tsk Tom. To refresh: Back in may of 2001 Tom Cruise filed a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Kyle Bradford, a porn star. The suit was deemed "the most direct attempt yet to stamp out rumors about his sexual orientation" . Now sources close to Ridiculously On The Scene are whispering that it could happen all over again. In the picture above- we have to ask - Are Tom and Katie's late-night antics (eating ice cream and pizza, I was sooo not thinking sex) making them look a bit bloated and completely exhausted? If Katie's scientologist PR person picked out that tie for Tom, she really is bad at her job. These two are a mess. The Frenchman to the right isn't even having fun...

Our Botox Baby was on the scene...
Thanks for sending us the pics!


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